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[Walking towards the Glockenspiel] 
[Doing a donut tour by the markets]
["Wild" party-goers at the carnival by the Glockenspiel] 
[Confetti covered ground in the town square] 
[Olivia frolicking in the snow on the way to the English Gardens] 
[Street art by the English Gardens] 
[The oh-so-famous Hofbräuhaus am Platzl beer garden] 
[Downtown Munich] 
[Donut heaven!!] 
[The view from atop the Glockenspiel]
[Visitors look  at the massive snow covered trees at Dachau concentration camp]

          It's hard for it to already be Friday and not to have the feeling that I was in Munich practically ages ago. Somehow, among getting back into the swing of getting up for school, tackling my French classes, and going to the gym, the feeling that vacation never happened seems to be a constant post-break sentiment. Therefore, I've always got my many pictures to rely on to bring back the memories of, well,....last week. (haha) 

Of all three cities, Munich was by far the coldest and a lot more tightly packed in it's layout. We were situated what seemed like a long ways away from the "center of town", yet there isn't exactly a center of town as we came to figure out. However, we always seemed to find ourselves back at the  Glockenspiel in Marienplatz, whether it was by chance or to watch the ringing of the bells. And plus, there were some delish donut carts located just beside an impromptu concert in the square for carnival, which made everything that much better. 

     Our trip began on a bit of a somber note, with a trip to Dachau Concentration Camp. Being in Germany and knowing we would probably not have the opportunity again, we thought it was something that we should do amongst all of the other frivolous things traveling brings. We did our tour with a small group + guide that my friend had found online, and the day began at the train station. The closer and closer we got to the camp, the more and more snow I began to see. Rennes being on the north west coast of France, it never gets cold enough to snow, so seeing snow for the first time since last year was somewhat strange.  When we arrived at the camp, we began our tour inside at the museum, and then proceeded to walk round in the bitter cold, seeing unthinkable sights (i.e. the gas chambers) that are still hard to believe ever existed. 

       Despite having had a very solemn morning, we decided to up our spirits with a dinner trip to the famous Hofbräuhaus am Platzl beer garden. Upon entering, we knew that we were in for an experience with tables upon tables full of fellow visitors, all of whom were practically downing the infamous liter beer cups. On our journey to find a table, I passed the blaring band, outfitted in very convincing authentic German outfits. I indulged in some delightful schnitzel as we all smirked at our table mates, who were each basically drinking 1 L cups a minute. 

       The next day, we decided to check out the English Gardens, and found a lovely park along the way. I'm not sure what it's called, but we found it en route to the Gardens, and it was the cutest place. We saw tons of people running on the snow covered grounds, dogs cavorting in the forest, and even some kids skiing/sledding. After a long walk to the gardens, we pretended to be locals and got some hearty sausage sandwiches. Yum. In general, our time in Munich can be noted by a few things: 1. Donuts, 2. Sausage, and 3. Schnitzel. Aka, heaven. 



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      Wearing:// Sweater: Zara, Cardigan: Aritzia, Skirt: Zara (Zara Mini-Skirt + Zara Pencil Skirt, The Row), Jackets: Burberry Britt, Boots: Minelli, Headband: Random boutique in Strasbourg (Urban Outfitters)

       After spending a few days in bitter, frost-bite cold Munich, it's hard to imagine that I was able to wear a skirt when we were in Strasbourg just a week ago today. As I described in my previous post, Strasbourg had a quaint atmosphere to it, with the town easily walkable and the family owned businesses frequent. With just about any place I go to, I somehow end up "conforming" my style to my surroundings. On our first full day in Strasbourg, I whipped out a new Zara faux-leather skirt that I picked up last week in Paris. I'd say this is about my fifth black leather skirt, solely because of length issues, however this one is the perfect happy medium between modest and pushing it. Not really sure of the weather situation, I layered some comfy-cozy sweaters, which also helped to throw off my whole all black outfit pattern. Despite Strasbourg not being nearly as cold as Munich, I started to feel a bit of the chill and was at a bit of a loss with my beanie in our hotel room and my gloves rather thin. When walking around and doing our "consumerism" tour, as my friend Heather called it, I found this fluffy white knit headband. When it comes to practicality, it's not the best thing for keeping warm considering it doesn't cover the top of your head, but style wise, it covers all of those #wintergoals to look cute despite feeling like an icicle. 

As you would know if you followed my Instagram (@lostbutntfound), I've safely returned back to Rennes after a flight from Berlin to Paris, and a train from Paris to Rennes. Today was spent unpacking, tackling emails, and editing the last batch of Berlin photos. I'll be posting photos from both Munich + Berlin with small recaps, but lets just say Berlin was nothing short of incredible. It beats Paris any day; actually, that might be pushing it a bit, but they're both very different cities. 

Hoping you guys are doing well and surviving whatever weather conditions you're dealing with! As far as I know, the East Coast has snow upon snow with chilling temperatures and Queensland has a very scary cyclone going on. Wishing you guys safety wherever you are!  xo Isabelle 



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[Centre Ville of Strasbourg]
[Post-card mania at a souvenir shop outside the cathedral] 
[City view of Strasbourg from atop the Notre Dame Cathedral] 
[Plentiful vibrant flowers just the day before Valentine's Day]  
[Coffee and cronuts at the scrumptious Dreher bakery]  
[With my friend Olivia in front of the cathedral] 
[Vistors look in complete awe at the extremely massive cathedral] 
[A man picks up some flowers in town on Valentine's Day eve]
[A woman rides by on her bike in the rather quiet Place Kléber] 
[Heather, Olivia, and Me atop the Cathedral at the lookout point] 

       While I haven't actually traveled much around France, besides around Brittany, if you asked me one city that is a must see, I would recommend the oh-so quaint city of Strasbourg. As I've just come to realize this year, I'm definitely more of a small scale city type of girl. Strasbourg exudes a quaint vibe coming from the surplus of family owned bakeries while it is on the other hand also a bustling city with it's own tram transportation system. Being the blogger I am, my eyes lit up at the sight of vibrant roses up roses in preparation for Valentine's Day the day after our arrival. I eagerly observed and photographed as many people purchased bouquets for their loved ones on a very beautiful day in Strasbourg. There was something about the curving streets and the almost strange vibe of the people that I actually quite liked. The several churches on every corner is something to note as well in the most religious region of France- but the Notre Dame of Strasbourg is the most noteworthy. We've talked about Notre Dame in Paris and in Reims in art history, but never this massive version. 

 It's one thing to frolic around Paris, which in my opinion has lost it's true culture to tourism, but it's another thing to be able to speak the language in a city you've never once been to. Having told anyone who asked that we "lived in Rennes" and "we're here for 9 months", we got a lot of strange reactions about how far Rennes is from Alsace-they're on complete opposite sides of the country. 

Hope you guys are doing well and that you like these pictures! I truly enjoyed Strasbourg and the character of the charming city. Munich + Berlin coverage coming soon! 

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